Welcome to Live Sparks!

Welcome to Live Sparks, the strategic event design blog.

What does that even mean? Strategic event design?

I'll tell you what it *doesn't* mean. It doesn't mean lighting grids and staging--although that can contribute to strategic event design.

What it is, is creating your entire event--be it a national sales meeting, a training module, or a product roll out--with learning in mind.

The goal of strategic event design is to make sure that the audience retains MORE of the most crucial information at the event. It means that the audience is on board--persuaded and aligned with the message. It means that the audience is engaged in the event instead of holding covert Blackberry text sessions under the tables.

This blog will:
  • Give you tips and tricks for creating a highly engaging event.
  • Outline strategic event design principles and theories.
  • Show case studies of successful events using unique engagement strategies.
  • And much more!
Just wait. We've got a lot to show you.

Oh yeah. Who's "we"?

Dan Yaman is the founder and CEO of Live Spark, a company dedicated to producing the most effective, engaging events *ever*.

Missy Covington works with Dan at Live Spark in creative strategy and writing.
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